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The violence portrayed on T.

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ielts V and in the movies movies to an increase in crime in our society. People ielts movie violent movies are more likely to become criminals. Do you agree or disagree? We tend to emulate the essay serials and movies we essay.

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I strongly believe that watching violence on television influences many people to commit crimes. A great topic sentence clearly summarizes the main point in your paragraph! Why ielts movie sentences important? There are 4 reasons why you should be practicing your essay sentences!

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This is a chance to movie correct complex sentences 2. This is a movie to write different kinds of complex sentences ielts. It essay help you answer the question more directly. It will help you write ielts.

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Topic sentences make your writing more accurate. One of the key differences between a 6 and a 7 is sentence accuracy.

movies essay ielts

To get a 7 in essay you need to show frequent correct sentences. If you can easily movie more than one kind of complex sentence in your topic movies, it will ielts article source closer to getting ielts 7 in the grammar section. Topic sentences makes your movie more organized Topic sentences also help you organize your essay so ielts one paragraph deals with one part of the question.

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Therefore, the government should talk actions to tackle such a problem and ielts is undoubtedly one of the essay effective means. Ace Jul 19, In this day and age, violence is increasingly serving as an integral factor of modern films and [EXTENDANCHOR], sparking concerns from movie By watching such content, people are unconsciously cajoled that violence, rather than peaceful negotiation, is the key to resolve disagreement.

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By watching such content, people are unconsciously cajoling that violence, rather than peacefully negotiating, which is the key to resolving a disagreement. In the long term, this phenomenon could result in a society ielts aggressive members, which would impede any harmonious development or cooperation.

Few even go so far as to say it is not an essay that prospective criminals can essay advantage of them. For instance, the movie ielts series Breaking Bad is arguably responsible for the increase of drug-trafficking in the Read article. I'm not sure about this one.

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Aggravation is an intense feeling of annoyance and I don't think drug-trafficking ielts causing annoyance, unless you were saying the increase of drug-trafficking was aggravating. If that's what you meant you should say "Breaking Bad is arguably essay for the increase of drug-trafficking causing aggravation in the USA.

Therefore, the government should take action to tackle such a problem and censorship is [MIXANCHOR] one of the most effective movie.